The Consumer Defense Corporation

Better than Bankruptcy

Protecting Borrowers from Collections Since 2004
by Making Unsecured Debt Uncollectable


What if you could walk away from your credit cards and other unsecured debt?
What if your creditors simply gave up on trying to force you to pay?


Maybe you choose to offer to settle your debts.  Maybe you choose to walk away from some or all of them.  Either way, you remain untouchable.


With no credit card payments perhaps you could keep your car or save your house.


Those accounts that you choose to pay, you do so on your terms.


We put you in a position of strength where they would be happy to receive any amount.  Maybe settle the debt for between 10% and 20%.  Why would they accept that?  That’s the essence of our program.


Ultimate Protection from your Creditors

With the Consumer Defense WALK AWAY CLUB:

  • Your phone will stop ringing from collection calls

  • You won’t get payment demands in the mail

  • You will be protected from creditor wage garnishment

  • Your creditors simply cannot force you to pay – EVER

  • You can pay who you want or not pay any of them.

  • You can focus on what is really important:  Your Family


If your unsecured debt
(credit cards, hospital bills, promissory notes - any debt that
does not have collateral pledged against it) is either
above $10,000 or
at least $7,500 with 15% or more interest rate on it
then you qualify for the Consumer Defense program.

Contact us today and regain your sanity.

If you have any questions, CALL NOW to discuss the particular of your situation.


If we are unable to answer the line immediately, please leave your contact information and we will get back to you As Soon As Possible.  CALL  844-220-0027  NOW.

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